Monthly Archives: May 2015

Remembering Shintani Sensei

Sensei Masaru Shintani Feb 3, 1927 - May 7, 2000 From Sensei Shintani - "Wado, way to harmony and peace.  The finest quality of human race.  A total goal to peace on earth.  We the Wado students of karate must be the leaders of unity and happiness through the universe and guide our students to…
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May 2015 Karate Kawartha Lakes Grading

Kyu Belt Grading - May 3, 2015 On May 3, 2015 the Karate Kawartha Lakes schools came together at I.E. Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay for the spring grading.  With a total of 40 students testing for their next rank, this marked the largest kyu-belt grading the for Karate Kawartha Lakes to date. A big…
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