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Grand Opening – Lindsay Dojo

Karate Kawartha Lakes Grand Opening Celebrations held today at our 50 Mary Street location. Coverage by Chex TV.

Great work to those who came out a couple of hours ahead of the celebrations so that we could highlight the great classes and students that we have at the dojo for the broadcast! Clips from the karate, kickboxing, shindo and iadio classes.

A very special thank you to Sensei Denis Labbe, Sensei Ron Mattie, Sensei Jose-Carlos Garcia and Sensei Darren Marshall for your support and guidance which has fostered the success of the Karate Kawartha Lakes group within the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation.


In Harmony,

Kris Reynolds

Kenshokan Iaido

Kenshokan Iaido Schools In Japanese, the term "kensho" literally means "seeing nature" while "kan" means "house" or "place of".  Kensho is the seeing of  the true nature of things, of oneself, and hence is a transformative experience.  At Kenshokan Iaido, we believe that the martial arts can help lead to an understanding of the self…
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Understanding your Rank

Understanding your Rank Rank in karate is likely the most misunderstood concept in the martial arts.  It is usually, only useful for beginners.  For most people, the moment a rank is earned it becomes an obstacle and impairs learning, judgment and training. Rank today has become a wide spread cancer of the martial arts. It’s…
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New Lindsay Dojo

Dojo - Karate Kawartha Lakes On November 9, 2015 Karate Kawartha Lakes held the first class in the new Lindsay dojo. The space was filled with energy and excitement from instructors, students, and even the parents. As people entered, they seemed pleased with the look of the new dojo. An accomplishment to be credited to…
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