Training Schedule

What is the right class for you?

Karate Kawartha Lakes students are able to attend as many classes per week as they can for the same low monthly fee.  We offer classes 5 nights a week between the dojo's within the Kawartha Lakes Area.

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This is one of the major benefits that Karate Kawartha Lakes provides to students.  The dojo's are non-profit, and the instructor's primary focus at each dojo is to make sure every student leaves the dojo a better than they entered it.  This could be related to physical ability, fitness, knowledge, or mental state.  Each dojo welcomes the members of the other Karate Kawartha Lakes dojo's to train as often as possible without any additional fees.  Between the clubs, there is a youth and adult class available for students to attend 5 days of the week.

  • Monday  - Lindsay Dojo

  • Tuesday  - Lindsay Dojo

  • Wednesday  - Minden Dojo & Mariposa Dojo

  • Thursday  - Lakehurst Dojo

  • Friday - Minden Dojo

Karate Kawartha Lakes is unlike other dojo's in this regard, we do not limit the number of classes, or add fees for additional classes.  The result for the students, is more available training for those that wish to train multiple times a week, and / or additional available classes for students who miss their regular class due to other commitments.

The Class Schedule is as below:

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