Jim Wilson Senesi is the Chief Instructor for Kenshokan Kawartha Lakes Iaido.

A 5th dan in Iaido, Wilson Sensei has trained in Iaido for nearly 20 years and has over 35 years of experience in the martial arts.  First coming to the Japanese CanadiIMG_1404_Resampledan Cultural Centre in 2000, he has trained there ever since.  He currently practices at the JCCC whenever possible and teaches students in Oshawa and Peterborough and now Lindsay.

Wilson Sensei is a direct student of Ohmi Sensei, and as such all of the Kenshokan Iaido schools are affiliated with the Mu Mon Kai Iaido club located at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in Toronto, Ontario.  This is the foremost dojo for Iaido in Canada.

Ohmi-sensei (7th dan kyoshi Iaido, 6th dan Kendo) is the head of the family of clubs associated with Mu Mon Kai.  Students at the Kenshokan Iaido dojo also become members of the Mu Mon Kai family.