About Karate Kawartha Lakes



Dedicated to Individual Growth.

Opened in 1995 as Lindsay Wado Kai Karate School, Karate Kawartha Lakes has developed into the non-profit organization of schools dedicated to the individual growth of each student. We are members of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation, the largest karate federation of a single style in Canada.  The instructors of Karate Kawartha Lakes teach karate, not only for self defense purposes, but also for character building, and the development of self confidence, physical fitness, and camaraderie.   As Reynolds Sensei expanded the school and Yudansha (black belt) students were developed, he expanded additional classes and schools in Minden and Lakehurst, Ottawa, Mariposa, and more. In 2014, he registered "Karate Kawartha Lakes Inc." as a non-profit incorporation to govern and maintain high standards of teaching and operation at all the locations under his banner.   At Karate Kawartha Lakes all instructors teach exclusively on a volunteer basis.  Their primary goal is the development of students in the art and as positive role models within their community. The money collected from students is used to meet the financial responsibilities involved with the operation of a karate organization.   In short, Karate Kawartha Lakes instructors teach because they love karate, and they want to share it with others, as well as give back into the organization that has given them so much.

Although Karate Kawartha Lakes instructors are volunteers, it does not mean that they are less qualified than instructors from more expensive dojos.   The fact that they volunteer to teach ensures their teaching is honest, and can remain pure without the compromise of financial considerations.  Each instructor is a certified black belt who practices their skills regularly, as well as attending seminars and workshops to improve his or her ability as a teacher, tournament judge, and karate-ka. Instructors attend black belt workshops monthly, as well as tournaments and seminars when time and money permits to ensure the quality of their teaching is maintained.

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Karate Is For Everyone!

There are many reasons people begin martial arts.  No one reason is better or worse than another, and "why" you train is an individual motivation.  This is why our organization focuses so intently on "individual growth"  Some people train for the sport and competition, some for the art and discipline.  Others train for self defense and safety, and still others for the physical fitness benefits.  Whatever your motivation, Karate Kawartha Lakes offers instruction to focus on your goals within the art.  Although our club is not sport karate focused, our method of training provides those who wish to compete fantastic results, having developed several competitors for our national team, and many national, and international champions, our karate has been measured and earned tremendous results both within Canada, and around the world.  Karate Kawartha Lakes has structured our program into the below categories.

  • Junior Karate (Ages 5-12)
  • Adult Karate (Ages 13 & up)
  • Shindo
  • Advanced Black Belt Clinics
  • Elite Competition Team

As active members of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation our instructors and our students are known for training at schools, clinics and attending tournaments across the entire federation.  This is of particular benefit to our students, because the club is active in all aspects of karate.  We offer in depth training focused around self defense with a pragmatic approach to training, but we also have many instructors and students that travel and compete in the sport aspect of karate often, which ensures that whatever your reason for training, there are other students who will share your goal and passion, and many opportunities for you to join the group in attending the seminars or competitions you like.

Additionally, because we support so many events, we have forged valuable relationships with some of the highest ranking and most accomplished instructors and competitors in the country, if not in the world.  Many of the S.W.K.K.F. senate members travel to our dojo's throughout the year to teach the students at classes and clinics.  It is a great honour, and an amazing opportunity to have these high ranks (7th 8th & 9th degree black belts) such as Denis Labbe Sensei, Ron Mattie Sensei, Brad CosbySensei, Jim Atkinson Sensei, Neil Prime Sensei, Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Yamanaka Sensei and more offer personal instruction to our students.    For other sports, it would be like having Wayne Gretzky teach at a hockey development school.

Our Classes


Family Class

family_karateFamily classes are run at a pace that facilitates growth and a challenge for all ages

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Adult Class

bow1For all karate students age 13 and over, or at the rank of green belt the Adult class opens as

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The art of Shindo was devised by Shintani Sensei, 9th Dan in the early

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