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History of Karate

The Simple Beginnings That Would Turn into the Largest Martial Art. Some of the earliest origins of karate have been traced to the island of Okinawa in the Ryukyu Island chain. It is thought that a native style of self-defense developed here called te, or hand in English. Okinawa is within close distance to the…
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Interview – Sensei Ron Mattie

Interview - Sensei Ron Mattie Harmonizer: When and where did you begin your study of Wado-Kai? Sensei Mattie: I started when I was fifteen years old. A friend of mine, Denis Labbe, got me into it — I thought he was a wimp at the time . (laughs) We went to high school together, and…
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Loyalty – By Sensei Bruce Perkins

Loyalty By Sensei Bruce Perkins ( April 2005) After having listened to a few conversations over the last year, I feel the need to address an issue that is the very foundation that our organization is built upon. It is also a trait that Sensei Shintani demonstrated every day of his life. What I’m referring…
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