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What is Shindo The art of Shindo was devised by Sensei Masaru Shintani, 9th Dan in the early 1970's. Sensei had made the Shindo methods and principles known to Otsuka Sensei who gave it his full endorsement. Sensei began teaching Shindo in the early 1980's. The roots of these basics and other techniques taught by…
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Future of Shindo Important

FURUTRE OF SHINDO IMPORTANT By Sensei Jim Atkinson What if someone was to ask you, “What does Shindo represent, and what do you learn from it?” Could you answer this question? My answer would be that Shindo represents everything about Master Shintani’s life, and it teaches you the essence of body movement necessary for the…
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Seishin no Shindo

Seishin no Shindo By Sensei Dr. Robert J. Graham I had thought about what kind of a kata that would be good for the Shindo and decided that a Kitagawa kata would best fit the movements of the Shindo as well as capture the essence of Sensei Shintani's movements. Seisho seemed liked a very good…
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