Grading Requirements

Karate Kawartha Lakes
Grading Requirements

DSC_0684Moving through the rank system is a very personal thing, and no two people will progress at the same rate. It is important to look inward to assess if you are progressing, NOT TO ASK YOUR INSTRUCTOR. Physical ability is only part of the grading requirement. Honesty, humility, honour, strength of character, and most of all, a pure heart are the mark of a good karate-ka.

When these attributes are apparent to your instructor, along with the required skill level, you will be recommended by your instructor for your next rank and grading may take place.

Gradings for kyu belts will be held twice a year (Spring and Fall) for all Karate Kawartha Lakes dojos.  At these gradings all eligible students recommended by their instructor will perform and be judged by the Karate Kawartha Lakes standard.

It is important to understand, for students, and for parents, that this karate is not a sport, and unlike other activities you may participate in, that karate-ka do not progress through rank in a measurement of time.  Simply because a student has been training, or at a current rank for any given period does not entitle them to grade to their next rank.   It is equally important for students, and parents of students to understand that although most karate schools use the same coloured belt system to indicate rank, the standard required by Karate Kawartha Lakes is high, and rank will not come quickly or easily.  As you or your child progresses, the value of the accomplishment gained in this manner will become evident, and worth while.

After a grading a student will receive guidance and suggestions based on their performance, and where they should focus their training.

A student passing or failing does not require explaination or justification.

Gradings for Black Belts are arranged by the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation usually twice a year in Ontario.  All students being recommended for a black belt grading will first successfully pass a Karate Kawartha Lakes pre-grading.

There will be NO exceptions to this.

Minimum time requirements are in place for those students who are exceptional at their present rank.  It is not the "normal" training time between ranks.  Most students, if attending two classees per week will progress at one and a half times the minimum requirements.

All members of Karate Kawartha Lakes are REQUIRED to attend the Sensei Shintani Memorial tournament each year, as well as any two other tournaments or clinics throughout the year to be eligible for grading. Any exceptions require approval from Reynolds Sensei prior to the missed event.



Karate Kawartha Lakes - Wado Kai Grading Requirements


RankS.W.K.K.F. Required KataK.K.L. Required KataMinimum Time Requirements
White / YellowPinan ShodanChi Kata6 months
Yellow / OrangePinan NidanChonan6 months
Orange / GreenPinan SandanChonan Shodan6 months
Green / BluePinan YodanShopai12 months
Blue / BrownPinan GodanTekki Shodan
12 months
Brown / ShodanKushankuSankio
24 months
Shodan / NidanSeisan
Gensho Shodan
30 months
Nidan / SandanChintoTaisei42 months
Sandan / YodanWanshuKempai
54 months
Yodan / GodanPerfection of AboveSei Shun Tei
72 months
Godan +Perfection of AboveGahanshu



Karate Kawartha Lakes - Shindo Grading Requirements

Shindo RankShindo KataMinimum Time Requirement
Basic (Whie Stripe)Shindo Nidan 6 Months
Intermediate (Green Stripe)Ciobotie6 Months
Advanced (Brown Stripe)Seisan no Shindo12 Months
Shodan (16 yrs old)Kushanku no Shindo18 Months
Nidan (20 yrs old)Taisei no Shindo24 Months
Sandan (25 yrs old)Chinto no Shindo36 Months
Yodan (30 yrs old)Wanshu no Shindo48 Months
GodanPerfection of Above60 Months