May 2015 Karate Kawartha Lakes Grading

Kyu Belt Grading - May 3, 2015

HarrisonOn May 3, 2015 the Karate Kawartha Lakes schools came together at I.E. Weldon Secondary School in Lindsay for the spring grading.  With a total of 40 students testing for their next rank, this marked the largest kyu-belt grading the for Karate Kawartha Lakes to date.

A big congratulations goes out to all of the students who came to the kumitegrading.  Just by getting on the floor for the workout, everyone benefited.  Weather you received your next rank or not, you should feel a sense of victory for showing up and working hard to better yourself.  Remember, the benefits of the rank are far more valuable than the colour of the belt.  Congratulations also to all those who were successful in achieving your next rank.  This is an achievement you should be proud of.



The achievement of a rank is a beginning, an invitation, and an obligation.

You are now invited and are ready to begin learning at a new level.

You have been given the empty container of a rank and are now asked to fill it with skill and understanding.

Rank is an obligation.  You have an obligation to those who have taught you, to fulfill the expectations of that rank.  To honour all the history and development that has taken place over generations, and to those who will follow after you, to serve as a model to which they can aspire.

I am very proud of all of the students and instructors in our group.   Your hard work and dedication has made you all shine.



In Harmony,

Sensei Kris Reynolds


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