Remembering Shintani Sensei

Sensei Masaru Shintani

Feb 3, 1927 - May 7, 2000

From Sensei Shintani -

"Wado, way to harmony and peace.  The finest quality of human race.  A total goal to peace on earth.  We the Wado students of karate must be the leaders of unity and happiness through the universe and guide our students to a alternate human alliance with understanding."

Today is the anniversary of the passing of Shintani Sensei.  The sad and equally important task of remembering him, and really appreciating his gift of karate and our federation is highlighted today as thousands of martial artist from all over North America will pause and reflect on how Shintani Sensei profoundly effected their lives both directly and indirectly.

As time passes a larger portion of the karate-ka participating in remembering and paying tribute to the memory of Sensei did not have the opportunity or pleasure of meeting him personally, yet still feel compelled to keep his memory living in their karate practice, and in their hearts.

Almost all of the students at Karate Kawartha Lakes have never met Sensei Shintani, and as time goes on, the people who knew him best will be gone.  Here are some personal experiences with some of the senior people in the federation that knew Sensei Shintani well.

sdlss"Sensei Shintani's influence, changed my life. His impact on me not only benefited me physically, it helped develop my confidence and to overcome my shyness as a young student to take on a leadership role. Sensei has taught me honor, humility, loyalty, compassion and commitment. In return I dedicate my life to Sensei Shintani and to his organization."
- Sensei Denis Labbé

srssA lesson in karate I remember Sensei Shintani saying: “The 1st technical thing you learn in karate is how to make a proper fist. Years later, the student wants to learn more katas and other kumite drills, and yet they still haven’t learnt the simplest lesson, how to make a proper fist.”
- Sensei Ron Mattie

Sensei Jim Atkinson"Mr. Shintani touched my life the moment I met him with his kindness & gentleness.  When I seen him perform I was amazed and will be forever grateful to have his influence in my life."
- Sensei Jim Atkinson

“Sensei Shintani never looked at karate as a “that’s all there is, it’s a static art”, it was always evolving, changing for the better”
- Sensei Brad Cosby

srlss“The honesty and integrity Sensei Shintani taught me is the true strength of Wado Karate and are virtues that I live by everyday”
– Sensei Rick Leveille

It is in the front of our minds today more than most days, but as a student who didn't have the opportunity to know Sensei, I would encourage you to ask those who did to tell you about him.  Tell you their experiences, both in and out of Karate with him so that through their experience, you can get to know who Sensei Shintani was, and help to keep his ever present within our group.



In Harmony,

Kris Reynolds


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