The Karate Kawartha Lakes Difference

With so many martial arts to choose from, why is Karate Kawartha Lakes the BEST CHOICE?

What a great question, and one that everyone interested in any martial art should ask of every school they consider.

In today's world there are so many different martial arts schools available, many claiming to be the best at what they do.  How is a beginner expected to know what to choose.  There is only one simple answer to this question.  There is only one thing that proves that Karate Kawartha Lakes is your best choice or not, and that is you.

Karate is an individual journey, and is fueled by many different motivations for different people.  Some people train for the physical benefits, some for better mental focus and confidence, some for effective self defense, some for competition and sport and some simply for the fun.  There is no BEST reason to practice karate, but you will find that there are clubs that are better suited to YOUR motivation.

The real question you should ask - Is Karate Kawartha Lakes the best choice for YOU?

You've taken the first step, you've asked the question, so I'll give you the best answer I can.

Karate Kawartha Lakes is a non-profit organization focused on the following objectives:

1.  We will strive to offer families and youth from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds access to our program that will enable them to develop self confidence, physical fitness, focus and concentration to achieve their positive potential in life, become role models in the community and to develop skills and experiences as an individual and as a family.

2.  We provide a program that will educate the participants on the traditions, history and culture of a traditional Japanese art form which has been preserved over hundreds of years.

3.  As a non-profit organization, all instructors teach on a volunteer basis.  For this reason, the karate we teach and practice is humble and pure.  Instructors teach because they love karate, and their devotion to sharing it with others, and keeping it as pure as they have learned is unsurpassed.  This model by nature removes ego from our training, and allows us to keep an open door policy, and encourage people to train with us if we are their best choice, and encourage and assist those that don't in finding reputable instruction elsewhere that better suits their training goals.

Karate Kawartha Lakes Karate teaches traditional Japanese Karate. We are part of the Shintani Wado Kai Karate Federation, which is the largest martial arts federation of a single style in Canada spanning from coast to coast.

Unlike many modernized karate clubs our training focuses about 80 % on the practical "art" of karate and about 20 % on karate as a sport. Our training regiment is designed to develop students awareness, concentration and focus, balance, control, respect, discipline, humility and self confidence and provide effective self defense.

There are a lot of people who talk a lot about martial arts, and there are a few people who do a lot of martial arts.  I suggest to students, that if you notice yourself "talking" about karate a lot, perhaps you should be "doing" more karate.  For you to truly know if we are the right choice, come to the dojo and try a class, by the end, you will know if it is for you.



In Harmony,
Kris Reynolds
Chief Instructor - Karate Kawartha Lakes