Sensei Brad Cosby

HACHIDAN (8th degree)

“Sensei Shintani never looked at karate as a “that’s all there is, it’s a static art”, it was always evolving, changing for the better”
– Sensei Brad Cosby

Sensei Brad started his karate career in Grimbsy, Ontario in 1967 under the instruction of Sensei Shintani. As a blue belt he began travelling with Sensei Shintani helping to teach at new clubs in Welland, ON, Niagara Falls, ON, Brock, ON, Port Dover, ON and Simcoe, ON.  In 1972 Sensei Brad was graded to Shodan. At the age of 17, he was the youngest person to be graded to a black belt rank by Sensei Shintani.  After taking a couple years off to raise a family, Sensei Brad returned to the Grimsby Beach Community Centre where he taught along side Sensei Brian Chmay.  They continued to train and instruct at this location until 2007, when after more than 25 years, when the dojo closed its doors. Sensei Brad CosbySensei Brad now trains at area clubs, including the St. Catherine’s club with Sensei Neil Prime.  He also has a gym in his family garage where he continues to develop techniques using the principles Sensei Shintani taught him.  Sensei Brad was awarded the Hachidan (8th) from the SWKKF senate August 2013.

“When I travel to different clubs, I am truly amazed at the precision, speed, and spirit with which the karateka, especially the blackbelts, are able to perform the technique and kata. I am honored to perform both beside and across from the men and women who make up the SWKKF. Sensei Shintani would be very pleased.” – Sensei Brad Cosby

For a more detailed biography of Sensei Brad Cosby, as well as some personal stories of his training with Sensei Shintani please read the article in the July 2008 Harmonizer.

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