Hunter Peeters is a 1st degree black belt in Wado Kai karate, and an I-Kyu in Shindo.  He started Shoto-Kan karate as a child, and came to the Karate Kawartha Lakes dojo with his brown belt.  Peeters Sensei is the definition of perseverance, and a great karate-ka, shindo-ka and instructor.

Changing styles after years of study is a difficult transition, and one that Peeters Sensei has made look easy.  He re-learned his basic techniques and the complete kata system and has embraced Wado karate with both humility and great talent.  In April 2014, he travelled with the National Team to Scotland, where he competed and won a silver medal for Canada at the International Karate Open.  The Kawartha Lakes dojos are lucky to have him as a student and a teacher.