Kris Reynolds is the President and Chief Instructor for Karate Kawartha Lakes.

He started Karate in 1996 at the original Lindsay Wado Kai dojo when it opened.  He currently holds a 5th degree black belt in the S.W.K.K.F., a 4th degree black belt in Shindo, a 4th degree black belt with the World Traditional Karate Association, and a 1st Kyu in Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu Iaido (Japanese Sword) under the Canadian Kendo Federation.

Reynolds Sensei managed the National Team for the S.W.K.K.F. from 2005 to 2012 and has competed on two national karate teams in both point and contact competition, including competing as a full contact heavy weight fighter in 2004 at an exhibition event during the Olympics in Greece where he won a bronze medal for Canada.DSC_0873

Since 2005 when Reynolds Sensei started managing the S.W.K.K.F. National Team, he has had he opportunity to travel and train with world class competitors, instructors and coaches around the globe, including Demura Sensei (9th dan Shito-Ryu), Bill "Superfoot" Wallace, Joe Lewis, Renzo Gracie, Hisataka Sensei (9th dan Shorinjiryu Kenkokan), and  a long list of elite level competitors.  He brings back the knowledge and experience he gains from these travels to the students of the Karate Kawrartha Lakes dojos.